ShowMate is the ultimate app to give you the next level TV watching experience. Discover shows, get the social buzz and enter the show's rooms for exclusive insider scoops surrounding these shows!
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Does this cover all my favorite TV shows?
You best believe it! Showmate works across multiple devices and multiple shows and tells you what's hot (and what's not) in the television world so YOU- yes, you- can have all the exclusive dirt (pssst...that nobody else has!) on all your favorite TV shows!
Say Whaaaaaaat?
But I need my Facebook and Twitter!
And Facebook and Twitter you shall get. We'll also throw Tumblr (and then some) for good measure!
You get all the social buzz surrounding your show (we're talking social commentary from friends, from fans, from the cast, from the channel, from everywhere!) right on your device! And you don't even need to be on these networks to be a part of all the buzz.
I can haz some more?
So much more! There's polls! There's trivia! There's games! There's quizzes! If getting closer to your favorite TV show is what you want, getting (SO much closer) to your favorite TV show is what you get!
But I want more!
Your wish is our command. We're partnering with channels and producers to give you a chance to win backstage passes to filming of shows. Get a sneak peak into what happens backstage and even unseen footage that nobody else has seen! And since you love your TV shows (and we love you!) you can even get access to bargains and limited time deals! How is that for more?!